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Friendly Community, Authentic Yoga

Friendly Community, Authentic Yoga

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Still Mind Yoga

Friendly Community, Authentic Yoga

Yoga Workshops

Yoga and Diet

Date: 7/16/17 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Cost: $30

Preregistration required. Sign up online or contact us to make payment.


Jennifer Bobbe, M.A., RYT-200 and Certified Health Coach, will lead us in the discussion/exploration of what constitutes a good diet for yogic practitioners and others on the spiritual path.  Some options to be discussed are vegetarian, vegan, ayurveda, and blood type.  We'll discuss benefits and obstacles that come up for us and formulate an action plan.

Back and Core Workshop with Yoga & Pilates



Stephanie Slawek

Past Workshops

Contact us or comment below if you would like to rerun any of the past workshops.

A Proptastic Workshop

Danielle DiSciullo

Learn how to bring fun and ease into your practice through the use of props. Registered Yoga Teacher Danielle DiSciullo will teach you how to creatively explore the different ways a block, a strap, and even the wall can help you safely achieve a deeper expression of a pose. Modify your asana practice, with the aide of props, if you feel low energy or are recovering from an injury and need some TLC. Use blocks to learn proper chaturanga alignment as well as to prepare your crow to take flight! Settle into savasana feeling fully supported by blankets and bolster pillows . Enjoy the relaxing effects of an eye pillow while breathing in peaceful & calming essential oils. Dress comfortably, this class is for all levels and you will be provided with lots of options to find what feels good in every pose! 

The Yoga of Love


A Valentine’s Season Special Program.  Come for gentle yoga and a Buddhist talk on Lojong: 7-point mind training.  We will develop our sense of compassion for all beings by learning a new perspective and meditation that can be practiced anywhere, anytime. 

Meditation on the Charkras