Still Mind Safe Falling Class

Tailored to individual needs, our center is uniquely positioned to offer a full curriculum of falling instruction from prevention to technique to minimize harm.

Learn to fall from someone who does it…

Anyone can find themselves taking a sudden, unexpected fall. Given this reality, people of all ages can benefit from developing certain basic skills that can last a lifetime

Learning to Fall Safely
Individually Tailored Program

As injury from falling has become a major public health issue, society is starting to consider how to address this problem. Book knowledge is not the best approach. One should learn safe falling from those who practice it daily. Where are efficient means of falling taught besides for stuntmen? Aikido. Yoga and tai chi also add skills to facilitate fall prevention. We specialize in all three, and have synthesized them into a practical and fun program.

  • Avoid the fall with situational and body awareness.
  • When you trip, leg strength, core strength, and posture can prevent the fall.
  • If you actually fall, learn to blend with the ground by rolling or disperse impact broadly to avoid concentration resulting in injury.

We have decades of experience teaching all ages and levels how to avoid falling and how to fall safely.