A Non-profit Yoga Studio

Kim Gold & Steve Kanney
Kim Gold & Steve Kanney

In our modern fast-paced world, how can a person find peace? And in a world filled with glitzy commercial yoga, where can a person find authentic yoga?

A personal contemplative practice is essential to remaining centered amidst the storms of life. Still Mind Yoga is a place where you can find the tools you need for inner peace. The best way to make the world more peaceful is for people to become more peaceful themselves and share it naturally with others. This requires a regular mind/body practice learned through the time-tested way of lineage transmission, and done in community with the warmth and encouragement of others.

The yoga you will find at Still Mind isn't competitive. Our teachers come from authentic yoga lineages and teach yoga as a profound practice, suitable for all body types. We teach yoga to fit the individual student, rather than expecting the student to fit the yoga. No one should be worried that they will be prompted into injurious poses. Students can expect warm and caring teachers who will meet them where they are and tailor the class to their needs. Our small classes and non-profit model make this possible.

Still Mind Yoga can trace its roots back to Steve Kanney’s Aikido school, Scarsdale Aikido. Aikido is a Japanese martial art that is translated as “the way of harmony with ki (prana)” and is known as the “art of peace.” The Aikido school expanded with teaching tai chi and meditation. Early in the process, an interest in yoga arose in the community. He and Kim Gold started Still Mind Yoga to meet that need. They created a studio that focused on an individualized approach, and operate it under the non-profit Integrated Peace Arts, a 501(c)3 organization. As a non-profit, price will never be a barrier for someone who wants to learn, and the goal of bringing peace through the practice will never be left behind. That is our purpose.