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Meditation Classes in Westchester NY

Currently Meditation Classes Are Discontinued

Meditation is central to the physical practices at our center. Below is a summary of past meditation classes. Please feel free to contact us to show interest in new programs.

Community Yoga & Meditation Class

Jnanaprabha Jennifer Bobbe (ryt-200) will teach a full Integral Yoga basic class incorporating a complete yoga practice. The class is appropriate for all levels including new beginners. The goal of the class is an "easeful body, peaceful mind, useful life." It is intended as preparation for seated meditation and we will take this opportunity to engage in an optional seated meditation practice immediately following class.

Sound Bath

Sound healing is the use of vibrations via different instruments/sounds to re-align and re-tune the body's systems. It is the realignment of the body's natural energies, which fuel the meridians and seven Chakras. This is a passive treatment where the recipient is either lying or sitting and allowing the mind to relax into a meditative state to allow the healing process to occur. When the body is out of alignment sometimes physical and emotional difficulties may occur. This form of healing is excellent for healing the mind/ body/spirit, while creating energy, clarity and fueling creativity.

Westchester DDMBA

Harry Miller studied with Master Sheng Yen for over 30 years. He was the editor of Chan Newsletter for over 10 years, a frequent contributor to Chan Magazine, and a lecturer at CMC (Chan Meditation Center). He is a board member at Dharma Drum Retreat Center and a member of Dharma Teachers in Training at CMC. He holds a B. A. in French and English literature from Sara Lawrence, and an M. A. in Chinese literature and M. Phil. in comparative literature from Columbia University.




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