Life Coaching

"My goal for you is to become empowered by equipping you with a more expansive perspective and practical tools for the journey. "

Kim Gold
Kim Gold

About Me

Hi, I'm Kim Gold. I have been coaching since 2014, but I have been involved in the work of personal transformation for the majority of my life. It has always fascinated me how the human spirit evolves and continually strives to reach upwards, like a plant reaching for the sun.

The basis of my work is mindfulness and an optimistic core belief that people are naturally designed to evolve and transform into a radiant wholeness. This allows me to have faith in the unfolding process of growth. My style is nonjudgmental, warm, and eclectic. I draw from many modalities and years of personal practice. I have trained formally in mindfulness meditation and have a master's degree in psychology. My life coach training is through the Life Coach Training Institute. I enjoy working with clients on general life goals. My speciality is helping people to develop a personal contemplative practice to connect them to the fullness of the present moment.

Over the decades I've explored many paths about how the process of personal growth works. I am currently a practitioner and teacher of yoga and Aikido, and a practitioner of tai chi. Most days I can be found at the dojo training mind, body, and spirit. Aikido is a traditional martial art that focuses on the peaceful resolution of conflicts, both internal and external. Tai chi and yoga are ancient arts that focus on the integration of opposites. The spirit of these arts informs the work I do with my coaching clients, helping them to achieve balance. I am also a mother, collage artist, animal rescuer, and founding member of the non-profit Integrated Peace Arts, through which I do my coaching work.