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Yoga is a way of life. It is not merely exercise, but is designed to make you a happier, healthier human being and transform your world in a positive direction.

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Still Mind Yoga
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Getting Started

Select a specific teacher to match your interest in style, venue (indoor/outdoor/online) and cost. Fill out the form below:

What to expect?

You will begin our highly personalized yoga practice. You can meet the teacher and go over any specific issues you might have. Then you enter a relaxed, but focused state where you go through basic yoga poses. Classes may include breathing or short meditation to cement the benefits.

You may learn one or two warm up exercises and the very first part of the Yang Style 108 move tai chi form. You may also follow along in the beginning of the form to see how it feels to practice.

You will learn how to fall safely and possibly practice some empty handed techniques. You will also learn some basic weapons with more distance - wooden sword or staff. You can learn comfortably at your own pace. Every single person you train with was a beginner once, and they all remember their first day quite well.

Only Indoor Classes Require DOH Sign Up Form

To meet NYS DOH requirements, participants are required to sign up for every indoor class via the form below:

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